Got a question? Here are some of the more commonly asked questions The Fox Tan Team in Australia get asked. We hope these help answer questions you may have. If not, pop us your questions on our Contact Us page and we will gladly answer it for you. 

Why are The Fox Tan products so awesome?

We have created a formula using loads of our key and exclusive ingredients FoxComplex® and FoxComplexPlus™, which you wont find anywhere else. FoxComplex® and FoxComplexPlus™ stimulate melanin production meaning our products prep the skin for an undoubtedly quicker, darker and longer lasting tan. Don’t believe us? Use our products, as directed, on one section of your body and be amazed by the difference. But wait for it... We’ve also included bucketloads of skinfoody goodness so your skin will feel the benefits of ultimate hydration after each application.

What is Melanin production?

Melanin is a protein naturally found in our skin. It is the pigment primarily responsible for our skin colour. Some people produce a lot of melanin, whilst others produce less. People that produce more melanin typically find that their skin is more tolerant to UV exposure, and that they tan easily and with speed. Our exclusive ingredient FoxComplex® and FoxComplexPlus™ contain amino acids that help speed up your natural melanin production.

Can I use The Fox Tan in a sunbed?

Sure can!* Our products are just as effective in a tanning bed as they are outdoors. Given they are short bursts of UV, the more sessions the better the results. Indoor or outdoor tanning simply use as directed on our products page. *Rapid Candy Oil cannot be used in sunbeds.

I want my darkest and longest lasting tan. Which products do you recommend?

We definitely recommend starting your tanning regime with our Rapid Elixir. This is your real melanin builder which is VITAL for the tanning process. If you love a bronzed glowy face then add in our Rapid Face Tanner, which has been specially designed for the face. It’s our all-in-one formula that has been designed to use pre and during UV exposure. When exposed to UV we recommend using either our Rapid Mist, Rapid Watermelon Shimmer, Rapid Caramel Kiss, Rapid Candy Oil or Rapid Accelerator These will ignite your tan when in the sun or sunbed. Next, we want you to keep your tan game going strong with either our Sun Tan Sealer or Hydrating Body Spray or both!

I’m really pale and struggle to tan. Will your products work for me?

Our products work by stimulating melanin production in the skin which is VITAL for the tanning process! The more melanin you produce the easier it is to tan, which is also great for our fair skin babes!
As each skin type is different it is hard to guarantee you'll achieve your desired results as it really comes to the individual and how their body produces melanin when prompted. We have had amazing feedback from babes that really struggle to tan or only burn when exposed to UV – they are finally seeing tan lines!
The key for fair skin tones is to apply the Elixir daily 5-7 days prior to sun exposure. This is the bit that prepares the skin by kick starting the melanin production, which is absolutely vital for the tanning process and generally stubborn for our fair babes. So, the more the better!

Does it really work? I’m sceptical…

All our reviews/before and after pics have been free willingly sent to us from our real paying customers that are amazed at their results. We DON'T participate in influencer advertising or sponsorships, so they are the real deal! You are more than welcome to message them directly - a lot of people do as they are sceptical also. Our products work by using active and exclusive ingredients that stimulate melanin production in the skin which is VITAL for the tanning process! The more melanin you produce the easier it is to tan, so you just can’t compare to a luxe tanning oil, we are so much more. We don't have fake tan or bronzers in our bottle so please be aware results do vary on individuals.

What is the best way to use The Fox Tan?

We’ve made it easy for our Fox Babes to get their glow. Check out our product pages that have step by step instructions!

Are these products a fake tan?

Most certainly not! Our products do not contain any fake tan, cosmetic bronzers or dyes, we’re talking au natural colour. This is a fake tan free zone!

Does The Fox Tan contain sunscreen?

No. Our products do not contain SPF and we are not a sunscreen. Please use this product responsibly and in conjunction with a high protective sunscreen, which is essential when spending time outdoors. We do not promote excessive direct UV exposure and we recommend the use of this product with sun smart options. WE best recommend that you always apply your Fox Tan prior to SPF application.

What about the nasties?

No nasties in these mint bottles. We do not use Palm Oil, Mineral Oil or Parabens in our formula, so you're in the clear to use all over! Product ingredients are easily found on our Products Page.

Can I use your products on my face?

Yes, The Fox Tan can be used on your face. We recommend our Rapid Face Tanner as this has been specially formulated for the face! Please use with caution if using another Fox Tan product as some are oil based, and when mixed with hot sweaty skin may not react well with certain skin types. Please avoid contact with eyes.

What if I have allergies?

We recommend a small patch test 24 hours before applying The Fox Tan for the first time. If irritation occurs discontinue use immediately. Check out our Products Page for a full list of ingredients.

Can I use your products if I have a nut allergy?

Unfortunately, our Rapid Elixir, Rapid Mist, Sun Tan Sealer, Rapid Caramel Kiss, Rapid Watermelon Shimmer and Rapid Candy Oil all contain sweet almond oil, so if you have a nut allergy we do not recommend the use of these products. The Hydrating Body Spray and Rapid Face Tanner are free from any nut ingredients.

Are these products vegan friendly?

Hells yes! We have no trace of animal products in our range, and we like it like that!

Is The Fox Tan tested on animals?

No way José! We are 100% against testing on our furry friends!

Where are The Fox Tan products made?

We’re an Australian-owned company & all our products are made right here in Melbourne!