Original Lift & Shape Tape

Ideal for cup sizes A-G and gives you extreme lift & support. The slanted side suits deep plunge styles, thicker strap halter neck styles and backless styles.
*Tapes can be cut to better suit neckline
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Mini Lifts

Ideal for A-C cups who don’t need as much support & coverage but still want an added boost! Perfect to wear with low-cut styles with thinner straps, swimwear etc.
Note: Not recommended for larger/wider breasts.
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Bandeau Tape

Is the perfect boob tape for sweetheart necklines, bandeau and strapless styles.
This style is recommended for cup sizes A-DD.
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DIY Tape Rolls

Is ideal for cup sizes A-DD.
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About Perky Pear

The Perky Pear brand is proud to offer the world's first cotton-based breast lift & shape tape range catering for all cup sizes!

Created by women for women, offering the same results as a surgical breast lift but without the surgery!

What is different about Perky Pear?

What happens if the tape didn't stick to my skin?

We get your frustration! The good news though is that Perky Pear team are experts and know how to avoid this. The tape can retract when you have any oils, false tans, powders or damp on the skin. If full skin preparation hasn’t been followed, they will only stick for a few moments and then retract. You need clean and dry skin before applying Perky Pear Tape. Always ensure hands are clean and dry and follow step one on our application page before you start. Avoiding this step may cause the tape to retract at times.

Common Mistake: The tape can also retract if you apply the tape onto your skin and then peel the tape off the skin to try to re-apply or readjust. The adhesive is not reusable and you peel this off upon removal so the tape will not re-stick.

Avoid bathing just before you apply the instant adhesive breast lifts.

Wearing the size bracket which may be slightly too small can also cause overstretching causing the tape and skin to strain so avoid this. Weight of the breasts is a contributing factor so you may need to up-size if you find it is straining or ‘pinging off” from the top or rolling away from the skin. Follow our application video with the sound ON.

What size should I get?

To ensure the right fit, we highly recommend referring to the Perky Pear size guide and measuring yourself before placing an order. Please note that our original lifts may differ from your usual cup size, so checking the size guide is essential.

If your back size falls between 32 and 34, we suggest choosing the cup size that aligns with your regular cup size.

For example:

  • If you normally wear a 34D, select the C-D bracket.
  • If you have a back size below 32, opt for a smaller cup size.
  • If you have a back size of 36 or more, go up one cup size to prevent the tape from straining or causing a misshapen appearance.

Please remember that the Perky Pear tape follows UK/ South African cup sizing, and if you have a larger back/band size of 36 or more, it is recommended to increase the cup size accordingly.

size guide

Perky Pear Size Guide

You may find that you aren’t the same cup size in our lifts as you are in your usual bra cups.

Our tape is based on UK cup sizing. If you have a larger back/ band size of 36+ we recommend going up a cup size up.

If you have a small back & band size below a 32 then we recommend going down a cup size, If you are a cup size H with a 30 back then our G tape should fit you. If you are a 32 or 34 back/band size then stay with your usual cup size.

36+ F/G cups please note: There is a chance that our tape in size F-G size will be too small as our width and sizes are based on a 32-34 back so if your back size is 36+ then you risk the chance of straining and pull to the skin or the tape straining and “Pinging Off”. We wouldn’t recommend purchasing the tape or proceed with care to avoid excess pull. It is advisable for 36+ F and upwards to add extra support with our DIY tape or Cleavage Sculpting Strips if you do decide to purchase the pear tape in F-G.


Perky Pear Breast Lift Tape Measurements.


Perky Pear Original Lift & Shape Tape comes in cup sizes but sometimes you may need to size up or down depending on the width of your breasts.

DO NOT measure the whole width of your breast.

Use our size guide and measure against yourself

WIDTH– Measure an inch from the nipple to the side of the breast at the widest part. Our tape is designed to be discreet & comes just past the nipple not too far into the cleavage

LENGTH- Measure from an inch under the bust Our tape comes an inch under the bust to support the weight from underneath Use a tailors tape measure or if you don’t have one use a piece of ribbon and mark it so you can then measure it so you can then use our size guide to help you choose the correct size. Our size guide has the width and length measurements of all our tape.

Perky Pear Bandeau Size Guide



Our sizes are based on UK bra sizes. A USA size DDD is equivalent to a UK E. You can check the bra size converter for you country here:

Do not under any circumstances size down by more than one size. Always check our size guides and information.




Can I cut the tape?

Yes but they recommend cutting before applying as if you peel the tape back from the skin it may not stick as well the second time. Only cut the tape if you are sure the tape needs cutting. If you are above a size DD and not eligible for the bandeau tape and want to wear strapless or bandeau styles then we recommend cutting the tape 2-3 inches shorter before applying.

How do I put the tapes on?

How to apply Perky Pear®Original Lift & Shape Tape


How to apply Perky Pear® Mini Lifts



How to Apply DIY/Rolled Tape


How To Apply Invisible Lift Tape


How to Remove Perky Pear Tape

What type tape should I get?

We have plenty of styles to choose from but in a nutshell…

The Perky Pear®Original Lift & Shape Tape

- The Perky Pear®Original Lift & Shape Tape is perfect for plunge and backless styles. It is available in four sizes up to a G cup due to the the style of this tape as it has more fabric/tape that is stretched and supported higher up to allow for an extreme lift and support for larger breasts. It is designed with a slanted side so it is not visible in the deepest wide set plunge necklines.

Watch how to apply this style here: https://perkypear.com/howtovideos

Perky Pear® Mini Lifts

- Perky Pear® Mini Lifts are perfect for most styles and are our most discreet style and the one size fits A-C (and small Ds). They offer a moderate lift and shaping effect and can be worn with even the most revealing styles.

Not suitable for large cup sizes because they do not have the side support and are designed to lift more from the center of the breast, unlike our Original style which shapes and cups the side.

Perky Pear® Bandeau Tape

- Perky Pear®Bandeau tape is perfect for thin straps and strapless, bandeau styles! The adhesive is applied width ways rather than length-ways so stretches from the sides with a minor upwards stretch. This tape-style doesn’t go as high as the original tape and covers across the whole breast.

This is available in one size and fits A-DD. Watch how to apply this style here.

- Additional products like our Cleavage Sculpting Strips, DIY Breast Lift Tape and Invisible Lift Tape are great at lifting on their own, creating more cleavage or helping larger cups with extra side support.